Free Self-Assessment

The Personal Capital Quotient© self-assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete and will immediately show your results. The tool provides an opportunity for you to reflect on the best qualities of yourself, your team or your organisation and those areas you may wish to develop further.

PCQ© considers three forms of ‘capital’ – that is, the stock of a renewable asset that can be drawn on to achieve goals and can also be replenished through ongoing investment. These forms of personal capital contribute to high levels of performance and well-being in work and in life.



Psychological Capital is the combination of internal resources that contribute to your personal well-being and success. It includes confidence, optimism, resilience, self-awareness, accountability and authenticity. Most of all, PsyCap is the ability to lead a purpose- and values-driven life.


Social Capital is how you consider and influence others. It’s about trust, effective communication, mutual respect, the ability to have difficult conversations, empathy, and how you lead and inspire. SocCap also includes the strength of your social network.


Performance Capital is your ability to create a compelling long-term vision, deliver short-term results, and strike the correct balance between the two. PerfCap includes strategic acumen, expertise in your field, decision-making and delegation skills, time management, and the courage to set ambitious targets and take risks.

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